Montage in Photoshop can provide some amazing and often surreal images as it can use and re-use the same image elements in many different projects. As you go through the site you will find certain images recurring, such as cloud backdrops. It’s just too expensive to keep getting airborne to shoot a different cloudscape for the latest project! If I need to use a piece of wood, for example I only have two pieces in my files that I use regularly; one is my dining table and the other is from an old garden table that provides me with something weather-beaten.

HTCIP Airways retracted undercarriageDolphin poolRadar 2Boiling Cauldronmartian invasion






Mushrooms at nightThe Graphite ArrowsSuperGuy over ManhattanGo Faster LimosSpace-Gherkin grassy field






Bobby CharltonNelson's_ColumnCerberus






docks and deskNew Horse & Cart night snowC-17 runway and housesAir Sea RescueSkeleton in pub






Hubble discoveryDogfight v1Iron Man film posterLabour Shooting Range v3Zombie-web