The Flying Car


 The starting image for this project was this sports car and the task was – make it fly!

The angle of the car posed the first problem as I needed to find a suitable aircraft at pretty much the same angle. A suitable shot of a Boeing 737 on the taxiway at London’s Gatwick Airport was sourced and most of the fuselage was discarded; the wings and tail were bolted on and the car was almost ready to take to the skies. Colour was improved, a suitable backdrop was chosen, wheels retracted and a pilot ensconced. Normally an aircraft would be flown from the left-hand seat but a bit of artistic licence was taken as he would not be particularly visible behind the windscreen pillar so he now appears on the right-hand side. A few subtle reflections were added on the wings and we were away.

HTCIP Airways

… of course, no pilot should be flying with his undercarriage down!

HTCIP Airways retracted undercarriage

The  HTCIP AIRWAYS logo refers to the excellent ‘How to Cheat in Photoshop’ website run by graphic artist, Steve Caplin.

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