The beginning of 2020 was marked by the appearance of a new worldwide plague – the Coronavirus, specifically Covid 19. At the time there was no known vaccine available to fight it. The entire world was plunged into chaos as countries obliged their citizens to isolate themselves in their own homes to lessen the spread of the contagion. People caught the disease in the hundreds of thousands and died in the tens of thousands.

At the forefront of tackling the immense problems of so many sick and dying were the health workers and all those who supported them. Many of them contracted the disease and subsequently died. These were the true heroes of the time in every country around the globe.

This photograph of Piccadilly Circus, London, was taken at the end of March 2020. As you can see it is almost totally deserted which has to be unique in its history. Even during the Second World War there were people and vehicles moving around the area.

What would it look like when the ‘plague’ was over and things got back to normal?

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