Bach’s Toccata and Fugue is, to my mind, a glorious, uplifting and dramatic piece of organ music; to hear it live on a really good organ is an amazing experience.

In the late 70s I heard a modern ‘Rock’ version at the Albert Hall in London. It was played by a group called ‘SKY’ with John Williams, the classical guitarist, Herbie Flowers, Kevin Peek, Francis Monkman and Tristan Fry. Recently I was listening to the track on a CD and wondered if I could animate the music to the ‘Sound Effector’ in Cinema 4D … little did I know what I was biting off.

The animation lasts for 8,600 frames which took an amazing 408 hours of rendering time on a fairly powerful iMAC … 17 days. In contrast the colour effects took only a couple of hours to do in Hit Film.

Toccata from Gordon Bain on Vimeo.

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