As suggested in the leader to the Montage section, Photorealism is essentially a very realistic looking montage. It can be the way that an actual photograph is used or it can be something that is entirely constructed within Photoshop but is so well done that it looks real.

Centaur v6Ford Popular resprayDCIM100GOPROBroken EggScrap_yard_22l3






Rapunzel in Towerwood panelling diningtable v3Half full Coke GlassSingin in the RainFord Escort vandalisedv2






Rickshaw HowdahNemo Sushi2 Bottles of Photoshop TonicMartini on TableG-ACSR

G-ACSPBig Ben plus ringsjeep on bricksBekonscot at nightAlmost empty whisky bottle

Dornier 17v2Harvard Spitfires smallFuturistic car on streetGKB Dinner-v2Grubby Jack-in-the-box small