Thunderbirds Are Go!

This animation started with a simple photograph of an empty plinth which is situated in Cavendish Square Gardens, London. What could possibly be going on here? As soon as I saw it I knew that that stone on the side could slide out of the way but to reveal what? And what would happen if the top was removed?

As a kid born in the early fifties I was one of those fortunates to have Gerry and Sylvia Anderson come along in the sixties with their magnificent puppet films such as ‘Supercar’, ‘Joe 90’, ‘Stingray’, Fireball XL5′ and, of course, ‘Thunderbirds’. The series were filmed in ‘SUPERMARIONATION’ and our stringed heroes were always on hand to defeat the dastardly baddies or save the world from a dire situation amidst much smoke, flame, explosions and drama. Will they arrive in time? Of course, they always did and just in the nick of time.



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