The Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth

Some time ago I thought it might be a nice project to film the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth in timelapse shooting a day to night sequence. Recently the weather conditions seemed suitable so I loaded all the required kit into the car and off I went. I shot a separate sequence earlier in the afternoon but the day/night sequence started at around 6.15 pm and lasted until 9.30 pm.

The motion control device controlled both the panning of the camera and the time interval (a shot was taken every 6 seconds). The camera’s exposure was controlled, via Wi-Fi, by a software programme on my iPad called qDSLRdashboard. This computed the changes required to the shutter speed, aperture and iso in order to get a smooth-ish transition as the light changed.

Post processing took place in LRTimelapse and Lightroom working together to smooth everything out completely.

Images were output as a folder of 2724 jpgs. This folder was opened in Hit Film for final compositing.

Hope you enjoy them.

The first video is a straight daytime sequence showing clouds in timelapse as the camera pans the scene. The second video shows the day-to-night transition.