Welcome to gkbgraphics

gkbgraphics is a small business based in the South East of England specialising in quality Photoshop work of all sorts ranging from re-touching of photographs through photo-manipulation, photorealistic images and montages. It is run by Gordon Bain who has been a photographer since he was a 14 year old in the mid-1960s  and has subsequently spread his talents into the digital arena.

As a 16 year old schoolboy with a deep interest in aviation he was already submitting photographs to the aviation press. He was taught to fly gliders when he was 17 years old and, subsequently, powered aircraft when he was 19. His full-time professional career was that of Air Traffic Controller. He is currently the owner of an ASW20F glider which features elsewhere on this site.

Since 1975 Gordon has specialised in air-to-air photography. This involves considerable teamwork involving at least two pilots and two aircraft; sometimes more – occasionally many more! Specialising in veteran, vintage and ‘warbird’ types, this branch of photography has taken him around the world and he has flown with some of the world’s best pilots and most interesting aircraft. Some of his work can be seen on the appropriate pages.

The arrival of the digital imaging era saw Gordon using Photoshop from an early stage. Initially this involved scanning transparencies from his beloved Hasselblads but, as the technology improved, there followed the inevitable transition to full digital imaging.

Use of Photoshop is not, of course, restricted to image adjustments; image manipulation and montage and, indeed, total creation from scratch are all possible in Photoshop. Gordon embraced the steep learning curve with great joy at what the software was capable of. Although the primary software used is Photoshop, other software including Illustrator, Autopano, and Cinema 4D, for 3D work, is used when appropriate.