305 (Polish) Squadron Royal Air Force

This photograph, taken at a modellers’ event, shows a diorama of a scene depicting a WWII airfield with a model of a de havilland Mosquito FB VI. The model portrays an aircraft from 305 (Polish) Squadron RAF. Could the scene be made more lifelike?

After the fall of Poland in September 1939, many Polish aircrew managed to escape to the UK. Those who could joined the RAF to continue the fight against the NAZIs; others trained as aircrew after arrival.

305 (Polish) Squadron was formed in August 1940 as a bomber squadron flying, variously, Fairey Battles, Vickers Wellingtons, B-25 Mitchells and, finally, in 1943, one of the most potent versions of the de Havilland Mosquito, the FB Mark VI.

The Mosquito could fly higher, faster, farther and carry a greater bomb load
than the USAAF’s B-17 Superfortress.

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