There’s a small park just outside the casino in the French seaside town of Pontaillac, which has a cycle path running through it. Thoughtfully, the local authorities have provided an air pump for these two-wheeled visitors.

Sadly, the pump is broken. Can it be put back to working order and what else might it be used for now?

Well the first thing I needed to do was to give myself a little more room by extending the image to the left. A brief internet search turned up a photograph of another part of Pontaillac which I used to give me that space on the left. I had to flip it horizontally to get the right perspective. This meant that the restaurant sign was reversed so that had to be turned around and its perspective adjusted.

I copied little bit of the grass area and pasted that in for the new foreground.

The ‘mylar’ letters are H,T,C,I, and P – How To Cheat In Photoshop.

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