The Flying Saucer

flyingsaucerThe standard image of a flying saucer is of a 1950’s design that looks like a saucer with another upturned saucer on top with a dome on the top of that. Often there are some lights blinking away in a fashion that would only mean something to the average alien. Any ‘photographs’ of the event are usually grainy and somewhat out of focus; that way we cannot see any detail. But when did you last see a sharp image of a real flying saucer in a real environment?

The client wanted me to make this toy Flying Saucer look real. Some clients really do come up with some ‘interesting’ ideas! I presented various images for consideration but here are two of my favourites.



… and to think that she was once the pride of the Starfleet!


… smoke on … GO!

Reds saucer v1

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