Ditchling Village Green

The village of Ditchling is an attractive setting at the foot of the South Downs in Sussex, England. The original settlement can be traced back to neolithic times and the church has an ancestry dating back to the 11th Century.

What was once a farm is now the village green where some of the original farm buildings, and foundations of another, are still to be seen. To the right of this image is an old barn which has been renovated and is now used for village functions. On the left is what was once a cart lodge and is now the entrance to the Ditchling Arts & Craft Museum. Ditchling has been home to many famous people over the years, among them being the artists Eric Gill (think Gill Sans) and Frank Brangwyn. The museum is dedicated to their work.

This panorama of the green is constructed of five separate images.

St Margaret's 5257 - 5261v2 b&w

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